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How Will Confide In Help You?

We have all been there – needing support and perhaps not always knowing where to go to or whom to turn to. It can be difficult in taking this first step to seek help, to find someone to set up an appointment with, waiting for that appointment, and to confide in them.

Confide In will help you in taking this first step – we provide secure online counselling and emotional support.

Confide In is confidential, delivering quality care, convenient, cost-effective, and there for you, whenever you need someone to talk.

How Do We Work?

Emotional support is at your fingertips. The struggle is understandable and Confide In is here to help you through it. Confide In is an online counselling and emotional support service with messaging, voice and/or video calls with your counsellor, including easy appointment scheduling.

Confide In offers a free trial to those interested in starting with us. With an introductory voucher code, a free trial is available for a first session (lasting one hour) through whichever mode of communication that is preferred, be it online messaging, voice call,or video call.

Individual sessions thereafter are available with the pricing flexible depending on circumstances.

What are Your Benefits?


The online service is secure and confidential.


Confide In is reliability at its best, ensuring that you receive a response from your counsellor in a timely manner.


Send a message or talk from anywhere, using your phone or computer. Busy lives are led, and it is understandable that seeking support may not always be easy. Confide In provides convenience in reaching out to your counsellor.


All counsellors are trained and experienced professionals.


Confide In is affordable, with flexibility in pricing.

About Us

My name is Valencia and I have been working as a Counsellor since 2014. I deliver quality care for a range of clients across different cultures, including refugees and asylum seekers. Having grown up in Hong Kong, I understand the city and what people might face. My sensitivity to cultures and the sub-cultures therein aid me in my counselling and in understanding the individuals that I work with.

I was drawn to counselling having neglected my own emotional wellbeing. As a result, I wish to make counselling as aware and accessible as possible, recognising the need for it in today’s young adult population.

I work to understand my clients, to give them the space and support they need, and work collaboratively on an approach to explore different perspectives and options. I believe everyone has the capacity for growth and change, that this needs to be harnessed with the right support.


Master of Counselling, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

MSc Clinical and Health Psychology, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

BSc Applied Psychology, Cardiff University, Cardiff, United Kingdom

Who I Work With

I work one-on-one with adults for both short- and long-term work, according to their needs. I have experience in:


Work stress



Young adults


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Our Partnerships

Confide In recognises that partnerships with other individuals and organisations promotes Mental Health in the community.

We value our partners and collaborators, as we can have a greater impact and outreach when working together.

Since 2010, Wellspring is working for the support and restoration of individuals dealing with crises in their lives due to human trafficking, prostitution, or other related abusive situations.

Confide In is proud to stand with Wellspring in supporting their beneficiaries with all their psychological needs by providing counselling and emotional support services.

Do not use this website if you are in a life-threatening situation. Call your emergency services.